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This is a rather rare edge treatment and very nicely done.When a quilt is constructed by inverting it to create the edging (creating a false knife-edge), it tends to make for wrinkles and a less than smooth appearance because you can’t work out the fullness to the edges, the edges are already finished.In order to understand the knife-edge I need to do a quick review of quilt construction.In traditional quilting when the quilt top is completed the quilter makes what we call a quilt sandwich.Quilting begins in the center of the quilt and is worked out to the edges, this way any wrinkles or puffiness can be worked out to the edges.

People who buy up estates assume that if a quilt has hand stitching and is found at an estate sale it must be old.A true knife-edge is flat, no batting is sewn into the seam between top and backing fabrics, the edge is flat like a knife blade.This type of knife-edge treatment is in fact fairly uncommon. the batting is laid out first, then the backing goes over that (right side down) then the top goes over that (right side down) and they are machine stitched together around the perimeter, leaving one area un-stitched. the batting and backing is trimmed to match the top and the whole thing is turned inside out (or right side out) and then the opening for turning is sewn together.Barbra Brackman’s book “Clues in the Calico” and Eileen Trestain’s book “Dating Fabrics, a color guide” are among the most popular and helpful.True antique quilts will use fabrics indicative of the era they were made. Reproduction quilts are hand quilted, but not very well quilted.

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