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Ada de la cruz dating

When the Springfields, a rival crime family, ignite a turf war, Harley Mc Kenna realizes that she has one option: take down her father and his enemies. Buy It Now Graduate student Ren Ishida’s world is turned inside out when his sister, Keiko, is fatally stabbed without explanation.

When he travels to Akakawa, a fictional town outside of Tokyo, to get his sister’s final affairs in order, Ishida is offered her job at a local school.

As we embark on a sure-to-be-rocky 2018 (seeing as Donald Trump will still be president), fiction is needed now more than ever.

In that spirit, Bitch has compiled 25 forthcoming novels that are sure to make an impact in the next 12 months.

From that point onward, Jasmine Guillory offers a rollercoaster of a romance between two people who are fighting themselves and their impulses the entire way.

Buy It Now Imagine this: You find the perfect partner, enter into a season of financial and career prosperity, and then, without warning, your soulmate is arrested, charged with a crime they didn’t commit, and sentenced to 12 years.

Buy It Now Niru seems to have it all: His attentive, Nigerian parents have given him access to an elite private-school education; he’s excels academically and has accrued popularity thanks to his athletic prowess; and he’s been accepted into Harvard.

That’s the premise at the center of Tayari Jones’s breathtaking novel .

When Roy is ripped from Celestial’s life, she leans on Andre, the best man from their wedding, and begins moving forward without her incarcerated husband.

There’s something awry with their child, which comes to the forefront after she relocates to the United States to attend college.

When she’s assaulted, Asụghara and Saint Vincent, her other identities emerge, leading to a surreal and unsettling novel that seems to get deeper and darker the further it goes.

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Buy It Now It’s been a long time since we’ve gotten a captivating romance novel with a Black woman protagonist who finds herself, and in the process, finds love.