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There in front of me was Kelly, my Kelly from the old neighborhood.Seeing he made it in okay, I told Kelly it was good to see her again, and lying to her, I told her that I had had fun tonight.

As he pulled himself up, with her help, his arm pulled her robe open, exposing me to a full frontal view of her body, as I stood just to the side on the front porch.

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The following story is for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex. Prologue I had known her since fourth grade, her family had moved into to our neighborhood that summer and she and her two twin brothers had all started school that year.

After steadying him, she pulled her robe closed again, not realizing that I had just gotten a peek at her body.

As Ryan began to introduce us, I looked at her face.

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As he started to reply to my question, the front door was pulled open, causing him to fall forward into his wife.

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  1. The previous night, I’d stumbled on something online I hadn’t seen before: Efron was the first-ever celebrity guest on , the survival spin-off in which Grylls takes celebrities—most recently President Obama—into the wild and teaches (or tries to teach) them to fend for themselves.