Backdating ema payments

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The average loss of £11.30 to claimants has been estimated by dividing Treasury’s expected £65m per annum saving across the number of households.Educational maintenance allowance was a means-tested financial payment made to 16–19 year olds in full time education or unpaid work-based learning to meet educational costs. Previously, students from households earning below £20,817 per annum were awarded £30 a week, students households earning between £20,818 and £25,521 were awarded £20 a week and students from households earning between £25,522 and £30,810 were awarded £10 a week.

While existing accounts continue, allowing children born between September 2002 and January 2011 to access funds at their 18th birthday, children born after 2 January 2011 are not eligible.

The indicative loss of £27 per claimant has been calculated by estimating the average payment from available data provided by the House of Commons Library4.

The 2010 Budget announced a raft of changes to the tax credits scheme.

A wide range of reforms to LHA were introduced in the June 2010 Budget, including: The impact of each of these reforms comes from Impact Assessment Statements.

Council tax benefit was abolished on 1 April 2013 and replaced by localised schemes, with (in most areas) a 10 per cent cut in the budget.

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Averages losses have been calculated by factoring average family size and average payment rates, leaving each family on average £675 worse off going forward compared to if the scheme continued.

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