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Your right person won’t be perfect—but she might just be perfect for you. Cheers, Duana —Susan Page, author of what is, in my opinion, the best dating advice book of all time, If I’m So Wonderful, Why Am I Still Single?, from which the Traits For A Mate exercise in this article is derived. Page is not a scientist, but science backs up nearly all that she writes.It’s not true that it takes a 100% match to achieve harmony; every couple has differences.But it is true that differences—not similarities—tend to be sources of conflict.And the right person is someone a whole lot like you, Charles.Your List will help you stay available for and recognize her, and leave off pursuing false leads.I highly recommend that singleton Love Science readers read and apply her book to their lives.

Whoah ..took some deeper thought and heavy editing.I know a lot of it was shyness, I was embarrassed to ask a girl out for fear of rejection. So, literally, that part of my life (dealing with females) never developed until my late 20's, and by then I settled for what I thought was a fair trade, an averaging of all the desired traits (still married by the way) because I thought I could never do better. But I feel cheated out of what could have been, that I had to settle for something less than my ideal.I could just imagine them gossiping, "Can you believe asked me out? But we'll never know will we, because what are my looks scored at by a woman? I have almost made a game out of watching my friends get married and divorced and remarried over time.(Oh wait, that’s from my list.) Seriously, if you’re anything like the hundreds of people I’ve done this exercise with over the years, .Those are the Standards to stick with, because abundant science shows that the happiest dating, engaged, and married unions are made between Equals—people who are a great match in almost every regard, from having about the same level of good looks and intelligence and education, to having similar social and economic backgrounds, to enjoying the same activities, to sharing similar core values, goals and lifestyles.

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