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I didn't know too many details, but when Amy Sherman-Palladino wants to put you in something, I feel like you should do it.

When I get back in December, though, I'm definitely going to be bingeing over the winter holidays. I was like, "Thank you so much for this opportunity and for remembering me and having me come aboard," and Amy was so sweet. Dan and I wanted to adopt you when we first met you." She was so sweet, and they gave me a big hug.Not very much -- a few friends who I've been on the phone with since being out of town have mentioned that some people have thought it was great, some people might not have thought it was as great. I think it’s a show about characters that we have grown attached to and they're changing and growing from these experiences they have, and they make mistakes as human beings often do. So we're seeing a new chapter in Rory's life and this is where she's at currently, but that doesn’t define her. I haven’t seen it myself yet, so I can't comment too much on what happens during it. I heard the last four words, which was exciting and crazy, and amazing, but I don't know the events leading up to it.I think that she may not have been handling it in the best possible way, but we can't really judge because we don't see enough. How likely is it that Paul is the father, would you say? It's so exciting to get to work on her material.How was it diving into that material and that pace again after all these years, particularly with these core members of the cast like Lauren and Alexis?

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