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Most of the women are so insecure and damaged—the bachelorette pool is populated with divorcées, widows, fang-wearers, and women whose fathers either abandoned them or passed away—that when Womack throws the spotlight on them, they are more than happy to soak it up.

Jenn Berman, a Beverly Hills psychotherapist and relationship expert, says Womack's behavior isn't just gentlemanly grace but a highly effective tool."Most women are really hungry to be heard and understood. "I'm sure you've heard people talk about emotional intelligence—to be able to empathize with people and make them feel understood.

Drew's radio show into a group date."I think it's a dream come true for most women," Berman said.

"It's very appealing because speaking that language is to speak the language of women.

"It's a relationship based on feeling the electricity. It's based on courtship, a honeymoon period…It's less likely the relationship will go the long haul because the woman doesn't know what she's getting into.

That's very seductive, and it's something most women hunger for."Womack's heavily groomed, all-American looks don't hurt, of course, bringing us to another weapon in his seduction arsenal.

It can be very effective on women, because men usually don't listen very well."Greene pointed out that on The Bachelor, Womack is not in the traditional position of seduction artist—technically, it should be the women who are seducing him.

But as someone who is trying to "seduce America," as Greene described Womack's "motive," and convince audiences that he's no longer an insensitive cad, his wooing energies are in high gear.

The only time Womack ever seems flustered is when a woman disrupts his flood of attention and turns the focus back to him.

Womack clams up and is visibly thrown off his game when Emily, a pretty blond widow, tells him what a "great-looking" guy he is and how, when she first saw him, she was "super intimidated," and that, "I'm just so grateful to be here.

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On his first date with Jackie, a 27-year-old artist who lives in New York, he brings her to a luxurious day spa. I'm glad it's you." And throughout the night, which concludes with a private Train concert, he frequently murmurs, "I hope you're happy." Like other famous Charmers, such as Bill Clinton, Womack "doesn't draw attention to him or herself, and is a really good listener," says Greene.