Build database dating website

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Build database dating website

The better the suggestions, the more chances people will want to meet…and enjoy doing so.We are going to see how to do recommendation with graphs. Of course, the same approach could be applied to other domains like retail.It turns out that relationships can be targeted and followed up by systems in graph databases very quickly, because the relationships don’t need to be specified to run a query, as you’d have to do in normal SQL.This makes criteria connections between people, preferences and personal profiles, for example, much faster and easier to spot. But graph databases are applicable to far more firms than just a or a Google.

The online dating proposition is successful – but also very simple.

What such sites do, ultimately, is provide access to communities of people looking for the same thing – love, in all its various guises.

See also: How to use graph database technology to secure grant employee access Before online dating, the traditional way to meet someone was via one’s social circle, leisure interests, or in the workplace.

Graph databases are on the Fortune 500's radar It is no surprise that graph databases are growing faster in popularity than any other type of database – by around 250% last year alone.

Market research company Forrester Research estimates that one in four enterprises will be using the technology by 2017, stating in its last look at the market that, ' A graph database allows organisations to think differently and create new intelligence-based business opportunities that weren’t possible before.' Some of the big retailers have already picked up on the trend.

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