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Buti girls sex

I know what it feels like to want to be of the opposite sex, to want to be a male and look in the mirror without accepting what I see.

To hate myself and feel weak just because I'm a girl.

i was confuse that what i am doing is right or wrong but i feel comfort with my desires, i was curious to know about my desire ( changing of sex male to female ) is possible through medical science but i was unkown about this sites.

i can't figure out what to do, i want a sex change but i have the wrong family to do so.With abs and everything cuz there is this girl who is 18 and i really love her... I have stuggled for many years being a woman trapped in a mans body.I can't keep lyin too her so i was wondering how much it would cost too get a full body sex chage from a female to a male Before you think you need a sex change, at least wait for puberty to end. My hole life i have been made fun of by friends and family because of this dissorber. Over the years i have found out that you are better to be yourself and not allow what other people think of you control who you truely are. everytime i see myself in the mirror i would always picture myself in a guy's body. i have been fighting with everyone i know because i don't hide the fact that i hate to physically be a chick but be a guy in everyother aspect. i've dressed like a guy now for 8 years and no matter what people think or say i will continue to act and dress however is comfortable to me.I know what it's like to buy male clothes and hang out with the guys because I feel more accepted and comfortable.What helped me, what took away my depression, confusion and pain was one man that said "I have loved you with an everlasting love".

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one man that took the time to see into my heart and say "you are a beautiful woman, I have created you a woman, and I love you as you are". Those who are crying for help, this is the best solution. [email protected] still young (well 14) and i dislike being a female, i'd much prefer being a male, ive only told two people this, the first was abit against it and the second was more open, and im nervous to tell my parents, i've hated being a female since i was 7 and i always wanted to be one of the guys!