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@Dogsof Instagram seems like the next best thing to having one of your very own. Ever since Conan moved shop to TBS, we like how he’s re-cast himself as a nerd icon.He’s a steady fixture at Comic-Cons and he routinely films TV segments in which he puts his terrible video-game skills on display.In this list, we’ve pooled the coolest Hollywood dads, the ultimate in home-DIY porn, the everydad heroes among us, and, yes, the accounts that make us all laugh (including @fashiondads_ and @miserable_men).

Instagram is flooded with literally thousands of accounts devoted exclusively to canines.

If you’re interested in a real adventure close to home, you can’t go wrong with these 6 epic American getaways.

John Kleinchester is the Territory Manager for the Connecticut-based Two Roads Brewing Company and the inventor of #beertography, a portmanteau for “beer” and “photography.” Here you’ll be inundated with all sorts of artful, well-curated photos of microbrews you’ve likely never tried. Meanwhile, don’t miss our collection of the best beer-brewing countries in the world. But follow this account and you’ll always know what the right tool for the job is—whether it’s trimming your Christmas tree or destroying an old shed with cutting-edge demolition gear. And if you want a set of your very own, here's our roundup of the 25 things every man should own.

And while this guy’s a mainstay on the international celeb scene, he’s definitely not above posting videos of his kids making all sorts of racket in the back seat of the car.

The way we see it: every dad could learn a thing or two about work life balance from this man.

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Though his IG account isn’t specifically geared toward fatherhood, Conan has successfully rebranded himself as America’s loveably uncool-but-constantly-trying-to-be-cool dad.