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Having appeared in three Carry On films and an episode of The Saint, Shirley Eaton became an iconic Bond girl, not for the way her character lived but how she died.Bond meets Jill Masterson when she is helping her boss, Auric Goldfinger, cheat at cards.Cue an innuendo-laden smut-fest as our man smirks: “I’ve always enjoyed studying a new tongue”, before being interruptus in mid-coitus by a call from Moneypenny. “You always were a cunning linguist, James,” she replies.Now 41, Thomsen has done little of note in the years since her Bond appearance, but is notable for being a Danish actress who has somehow not appeared in any episode of Borgen, The Killing, or any other Scandi-crime series.Sadly, Mr Carver finds out what the missus has been getting up to, and the next thing Bond knows, she’s been assassinated.Hatcher, 50, found her greatest fame years later, in 2004, when she appeared in Desperate Housewives, which immediately became a huge global hit.

That image put Eaton, now 78, on the cover of Life magazine and has stayed with her ever since.He gets his revenge, however, almost (but not quite) drowning the girls in Whyte’s pool.For Lola ‘Bambi’ Larson, this marked her only screen appearance of any note.Madonna, 57, was quite well known prior to her appearance in the film, for which she also wrote and performed a desperately mediocre theme song – and has remained so ever since.The first Bond girl to be seduced by Craig’s rebooted Bond, Solange is riding along a Bahamian beach in her bikini when she spots Bond emerge from the water in a pair of blue swimming trunks that cause global media meltdown. She promptly beds Bond, wondering why all the nice men she meets can’t be like him: “Because then they’d be bad,” he points out. And it’s a Law of Bond that villain’s women who sleep with him invariably die.

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She retired from acting soon after to raise her two sons.

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