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She confirmed that her privacy settings correctly locked down to such an extent that her phone number should only be accessible to her. Imagine, for instance, if a company knew the telephone numbers of people calling it – they would now be able to determine your name too, and possibly use it for more aggressive marketing.In her opinion, a privacy setting that says “Only me” attached to her phone number meant it shouldn’t be shared with any of her Facebook friends – and certainly should not accessible by me, as I’m not even one of her online friends. Or picture meeting someone at a party and giving them your phone number – and not realising that you were also potentially sharing your full name and other contact information.In the event you feel that this is not a privacy risk, let’s put this into perspective based on how I use Facebook. Most of them are a result of playing, dare I admit, Mafia Wars.Even though I stopped playing over a year ago, I still have lots of Facebook friends as a result.I’ve updated the article above to reflect the advice regarding synching of contacts, and additional steps for resolving the issue.Furthermore, check out Facebook’s own statement on the scare.

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I compiled a list of graphics pointing to some of my Facebook friends whose mobile numbers are now visible to me, even though they almost certainly never intended to share them.

I smudged their mobile numbers to respect their privacy. Some time ago, Facebook started posting messages on users’ accounts saying that their account protection status was “very low”, and they should increase their protection.

In fairness to Facebook, it was you the user who agreed to this in the first place.

Although you might not have liked them enabling this option by default after supposedly enhancing your account’s security, you did allow it to happen.

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I clicked on ‘Account’ - ‘Contacts’ – and there they were: the mobile numbers of 213 friends.