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So in short: I want the bass shakers to shake with even more power, but only when there is a real reason for them to shake, like an explosion in a movie.

I have 6 aura bass shakers, 1 in each chair, installed.

I have 2 going to an amp like the one you show in Step 4 for a total of 3 amps. Hi, just found this webpage yesterday and its great. We will be buying a new couch once I have the basement completed and I am wondering what your thoughts were for how many Clark Silver's would be required for the size of the couch.

I will be promoting your product at my show and really in need of these for the experience to work.

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I'm looking to outfit a sectional couch and I'm thinking of a set up that would have 3 aura shakers. I'm looking at the Dayton audio models and see they have 70 and 100 watt models. Can I just run from here in series to 2 Aura's, or do I actually need to buy a separate amp. I immediately bought 4 second hand Kenwood 150 Watt RMS bass shakers which I installed in my couch.

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