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He gained fame after releasing the video “Leave Britney Alone” on You Tube.

The video made a huge success and was nominated for Yout Tube Award in 2007 for Commentary category.

and that I would grow out of that original self-pity and angst of “post-rehab” vulnerability.

Almost 10 years ago, Chris Crocker became a viral sensation with his plea to leave Britney Spears alone after her widely panned performance at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards. ” Watch his full response about his physical transformation!

Why I countless times chose to validate those late-night texts or allowed this person to disappear for weeks before turning up with the casual ”oh hiya you- let’s hang out soon.” Likely, it has something to do with accepting the agonizing conclusion that this person just didn’t find me as alluring as I’d (so obviously) tried to be.

But what I’ve also noticed as a pattern in my life, is the people I truly find myself “idealizing” are 100% not permanent figures. Yet it so often happens that the people who bring out all those insatiable little insecurities in me are often the ones I find beating myself up over trying to gain their validation. It’s like I’m having a bad day, but instead of dealing with the emotions of whatever is internally going on, I give the power to external ways of making it feel better.

I refused to acknowledge the reality of the situation because I chose to play the “chill-girl” card instead of *GASP* be thwarted with the reality that “this person just ain’t that into you”…

(and also, is leaving.) I stuck around at the cost of my pride because I’d put weight on this person’s ability to make me feel good and I couldn’t quite accept the reality that I was never going to get the validation I so addictively crave.

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