College freshman dating high school freshman

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College freshman dating high school freshman

Thirteen-year-old Emma Lien shown, left, here on her first day of class at Community College of Philadelphia, talking with Dr. Hite, Superintendent of Philadelphia Schools, Tuesday, July 11, 2017, in Philadelphia.

Hite brought a middle college to Prince George’s County, Md., where he led the school system there.

“It is our expectation that there will be no difference,” Generals said.

“In our classrooms, they are college students.” That appeals to Caleb Lee, who bypassed top Philadelphia magnets Carver High School and Science Leadership Academy to attend Parkway Center City.

Having high schoolers at CCP isn’t new: Hundreds already take courses through existing dual enrollment programs.

But the Parkway Center City program is a watershed, according to Hite and Donald “Guy” Generals, CCP’s president, a recognition that colleges can engage students early and that teens will rise to the challenge with the proper support.

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“I’m only going to have to spend two years in college to get my bachelor’s — that’s amazing.” Lee said he isn’t nervous, but he’s fully aware of what his school choice means.

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