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The loans are extended to students who have the greatest financial need.

In general, families with annual incomes below ,000 are eligible for Perkins Loans.

Private student loans are sometimes called personal loans and alternative student loans.

Institutional loans are extended by colleges and universities as a means to cover educational costs that remain after other forms of financial aid have been applied.

These three factors determine the size of your Perkins Loan: The maximum annual loan for undergraduate students is 00, with a lifetime loan maximum of ,000.

Graduate students can borrow up to 00 each year, with a ,000 lifetime cap.

Private loans require borrowersto pass credit checks, and the loans often have higher interest rates than those subsidized by the U. Federal Student Loans should be considered first, but used appropriately; private loans can effectively pay for extra educational costs, without creating unmanageable financial burdens.

Long-term and short-term institutional loans are used to pay for books, room and board, and other student expenses.

Institutional loans are by definition campus-specific, so interest rates and repayment terms are determined by each educator.

Your high-school guidance counselor and college financial aid office are equipped to sort out the specifics for your state.

You can also find valuable information on state higher education websites.

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State-specific funding varies – some have none, while others have a great deal.

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