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Some police forces are trained to watch for this very mistake when interrogating criminals. Their stories are too complex, structured, polished or complete. It’s about showing how real this other world was to me.I want to portray what it was like to come of age, and to begin experimenting sexually, right as this Internet platform for anonymous interaction emerged.I was very ashamed of my secret life online, and I didn’t tell a soul about what I was doing, but years later, as I worked with my camwhore character Caroline, I began to think back to these early experiences I had with the Internet.

Step Five: View the Results The results can be viewed by pressing a secret set of keys, receiving emails or opening a web page.

It begins with the two of them at their computers typing, their conversation projected behind them.

Eventually, the video projection stops and they start talking directly to one another, but their dialogue is written as a script of a chat, as though they were still typing.

For example, I translated a cybersex session into a scene for the stage, but it doesn’t translate into actual or simulated sex. He never asks Anni where she lives; he never tries to persuade her to meet with him. And as I started to talk openly about it over the past year, a lot of people, especially women my age, have said, “I did that too.” Many of us have had similar, crazy experiences that we’re just starting to deal with and understand.

So, for me, re-creating the AOL environment that was the context for this relationship is not about romanticizing an aesthetic.

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The e-book Twelve—technically it’s an app—is really about this obsolete chat room environment.

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