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Datehookup dating service

So it very well could be one of the men that could tell I wasn't really into them so they report me.

I sent datehookup an email, not knowing why I was denied access and asking if someone had reported me for some bogus reason, and there has been no response for days.

I contacted the website's customer service and was told they could not remove my phone number without me knowing the user id of the account with my phone number attached.

I honestly believe tthat this dating sight has used my personal information & pictures for their personal & profitable gain vecause I have recieved an abundant amount of sexually orriented emails from members of the same sex.

Desired Settlement: I want datehookup to contact me to allow me to delete my personal information.

Consumer Response: One of the major problems with Date Hookup is that they want you to sign in to your account to get support.

There are a lot of complaints online about this site just arbitrarily disabling a persons ability to sign in to their account.

My concern is that my profile is still on there and I want access to delete it. Had I known how this site operates, I would have never put my profile and picture online with them.

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My cell phone crashed & I lost my password to my user name & profile.

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