Dating a policemans daughter

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He was our world and our world has become a little darker for all who knew him.” His middle sister, Hannah Whieldon, read a poem that her brother had written for his wife on their fourth wedding anniversary, which said: “You are my heart, my soul, my eternity.” Ms Whieldon said: "He was stolen from us but, by God, what was stolen from him?Two girls have been left without a daddy." Just hours before his final fatal shift, he was with his wife filming their daughters "beaming" with smiles, singing and dancing, she said. She won't be a pampered wife, getting breakfast in bed - she will now be a grieving widow." Flanked by her family, Jen Phillips held a tissue and sometimes dabbed her eyes as she was overcome by emotion.Luttrell appeared on "Fox and Friends Weekend" this morning and explained that, of course, his post is somewhat tongue-in-cheek, and he just wants his daughter to be safe, happy and loved.“I hope she finds somebody who loves her unconditionally and treats her well and loves her as much as I love her mother,” he explained.The 17 year-old, who sparked a £1 million fundraising campaign for lifesaving cancer treatment in New York, lost her battle against the disease on Monday, November 6.

Mourners are asked not to provide flowers but instead donate to this new campaign, named the Kelly Turner Foundation which will be formally set up on New Year's Day.

"I love you with every inch of my heart and will miss you so so much, Your Mrs XXXXX." Pc Phillips, 34, and a younger colleague were preparing to use a "stinger" device to try to stop a red Mitsubishi Challenger, which had been stolen from an estate agent's in Birkenhead during a burglary, when it mounted the central reservation early on Monday.

Detectives investigating the officer's death have arrested three women and a man on suspicion assisting an offender.

Deal singer Rebecca Robinson wrote Brightest Star for Kelly and the fundraising song for her, Proud, was played as introductory music. They are the Rev John Walker, team rector for the Dover Town Group Ministry the Rev Gordon Newton, retired minister at the Beacon Church and Christian Centre in London Road, Dover, and the Rev Josias de Souza, mission priest for Buckland and Charlton.

Her family will have been made proud by the large turnout, which spilled out onto the street.

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Addie's father, Marcus Luttrell - a former Navy SEAL and author of the best-selling book “Lone Survivor,” which was adapted into a hit movie starring Mark Wahlberg - wrote an epic Facebook post on Wednesday, outlining just what he will do when his little girl grows up and begins to date.