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Dating agencies in victoria australia

Their website is: ▪ You can also make a complaint to the NSW office of Fair Trading.Their website is The law In NSW, it is against the law to take a photo or video of a person engaged in a private act without their consent.Steps to take▪ Ask the person or company who is using your photo for commercial purposes to remove it.For example, if you see yourself in an image or video promoting a business or a product and you did not give permission, you can contact the company or advertising agency and ask them to remove it.Privacy issues have become more prevalent with the growth and use of technology in our everyday life.

Their website is: https://au/ ▪ You can also make a complaint to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).In Australia, there is no general right to privacy.This means there is no law which prevents an image of you being used without your permission (except in particular circumstances set out below).This means that a company cannot publish an image or video of you promoting something without your permission.If someone wants your permission to publish your image for this purpose, you will usually be asked to sign a waiver.

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The law There are no specific laws within Australia preventing someone taking your photo or video in a public place and then posting it online (unless the photo or video shows you doing something private – see below).