Dating aria

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Dating aria

I think the couples that are meant to be together will find their way back together.”Notice how I said "on the surface"—to me, this is terrible news. Several things, including Ezra, have kept her in Rosewood and away from the fantastic life she was just beginning to carve out for herself. After his relationship with Aria, Ezra started dating Nicole and fell in love.King's quote, plus those maybe-wedding photos that sent fans ablaze a few months ago, all but confirm Ezra (Ian Harding) and Aria (Lucy Hale) will end up together. Her career has essentially turned into writing a book with Ezra, which is honestly a slap in the face to her talents. Yes, she has the right to do whatever the heck she wants, but this feels like a step backward for her—in my opinion, at least. The only reason why Aria and Ezra got back together was because he thought Nicole was taken hostage in Colombia and died.Aria loves a statement earring, but what's weird about these (aside from the fact that they're the size of subway rats) is that she wore them on an outing to find her missing, possibly dead therapist.This is hardly the time for accessorizing, Montgomery!w=300" data-large-file=" Marlene King revealed something at the show's recent Television Critics Association panel that, on the surface, seems exciting: Several of your favorite couples will end up together."I'm a hopeless romantic," King said, according to "I think that our fans, as much as they’ve enjoyed the mystery of the show, they’ve enjoyed the romance, as well. (I've made this point clear several times before.) He selfishly exploited the stories of four underage girls to write a book. And let's not forget that Ezra's relationship with Aria started when he was her teacher—her teacher. Aria's publishing career was just starting to blossom when Charlotte drama pulled her back into Rosewood—and, subsequently, Ezra.

Aria and Nicole are not objects for Ezra to juggle, and if he starts doing this, it's further proof Aria needs to run far, far away.

I wanted to own this part of my identity for myself.'In fact, I found I got by, by being a clown,' he said.

have had plenty of questionable fashionable moments, but no one's had as many as Aria, who could fill an entire Main Line Mc Mansion with her collection of belts, feather earrings, statement necklaces, and unnecessary ponchos.

What a decision to have to make though — ignore someone's last wishes or dress like you're trying to get kicked out of the fall formal.

At first glance, this is harmless enough, but upon closer inspection, you notice that she's wearing some sort of fur collar that's the exact same color as her hair, thus making it look like she's got two weasel tails sprouting directly from her head.

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He rounded off his outfit with a black cowboy hat, matching gloves and a dark pair of shades.