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Paul von Hindenburg and an Eagle are on the silver 5 Reichsmark dated 19.

The silver 2 Reichsmark and 5 Reichsmark dating from 1936 to 1939 pictures Hindenburg on one side and an eagle holding a swastika during the other.

The following notes were used in Nazi Germany throughout World War II and remained legal tender until 1948.

In 1939 an aluminum 50 Reichspfennig with the Eagle and Swastika was introduced, and was produced until 1944.The 10 Reichsmark depicts Albrecht Thaer, a 19th Century German agriculturalist who applied scientific principles to agriculture and set up one of the first agricultural colleges.The back features two children and a woman carrying a sickle. It has a watermark of Thaer at the right and an embosed seal near the lower left corner.Unlike coins, the date is not the year the note was printed.These Reichsbank notes were supposedly backed by gold.

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The coins serve as a reminder of the brief but destructive "1000 Year Reich".

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