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Dating column abbreviations

To declare fixed-point numbers, for which you must specify scale, use the following form that includes both precision and scale: value is 38 decimal digits.If you do not specify precision, it defaults to 39 or 40, or the maximum supported by your system, whichever is less.Scale, which can range from -84 to 127, determines where rounding occurs.For instance, a scale of 2 rounds to the nearest hundredth (3.4562 becomes 3.46).Efficient and stable, physical rowids are useful for selecting a set of rows, operating on the whole set, and then updating a subset. The 10-byte extended rowid format supports tablespace-relative block addresses and can identify rows in partitioned and non-partitioned tables.For example, you can compare a statement to identify the latest row fetched from a cursor. The 6-byte restricted rowid format is provided for backward compatibility.

A subtype associates a base type with a constraint and so defines a subset of values.

The Physical rowids provide fast access to particular rows.

As long as the row exists, its physical rowid does not change.

The syntax follows: You cannot use a symbolic constant or variable to specify the maximum size; you must use an integer literal in the range 1 .. If you do not specify a maximum size, it defaults to 1.

If you specify the maximum size in bytes rather than characters, a characters in the database character set, even if some of those characters contain multiple bytes.

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Use the subtypes datatype takes an optional parameter that lets you specify a maximum size up to 32767 bytes.

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