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Mainly through baby formula mixed with the contaminated water. I would like to make contact with one of those marines to discuss this with him. My brother was stationed at Camp Lejeune in 1970 and was in Viet Nam as well. I was a Department of Veterans Affairs Decision Review Officer from 1997 to 2005.

He was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 51 and after having a mastectomy he developed cancer in his liver, lungs, kidneys, bones, and brain. He had to fight and fight to get the military to say that his cancer could have been caused by agent orange, and now it may have been caused by something in our own country?? During that time frame I reviewed a denied claim from a Marine who had lived at Camp Lejeune at the apex of the contamination.

The contaminated water also caused neurobehavioral effects.

Central nervous system depression, attention deficits, deficits in visual discrimination, altered visual evoked potentials, along with cancer and all the other damage it does to organs. I personally haven't been able to be tested for cancer(s), but, I have been plagued with metal health type issues since I was a child.

They subsequently asked me if I would do a genetic test to see if I had a mutant gene.

The Corps says it is cooperating with scientists to try to research if there is a link.

Yet, despite their years of military service, they feel the Marine Corps has abandoned them.

And I think that’s what hurts some of these men so deeply.

Wonder if there is any relationship of mutant genes to the other men from Le Juene who had cancer. Hi – I have been watching the Marine water contamination with great interest.

My son was a Marine at the base during the years that are in question.

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As of now I'm supposed to be on mental health medications that I cannot afford. So though I support my country I didn't sign up for this or sign my life away as the saying goes. What I do know is that there is a man in Hawaii who has PROVED that people who have cancer of any type can be cured.