Dating etiquette different cultures

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Dating etiquette different cultures

New Kingdom dress was more complex than theretofore.The garments were of similar type but were composed of larger pieces of material; draping became more complicated and ornamentation richer.The earliest records indicate that Egyptian men grew hair on their chins.They might frizz, dye, or use Cosmetics were extensively applied by both sexes, and considerable knowledge of their use is available because of the Egyptian custom of burying comforts and luxuries with the dead.Servants also were almost naked, as were labourers in the fields, who are depicted clad only in a loincloth. Semicircular kerchiefs, tied by the corners at the nape of the neck under the hair, were sometimes worn to protect the wig on a dusty day.Wigs were dressed in many different ways, each characteristic of a given period; generally speaking, the hair became longer and the arrangement of curls and braids—set with beeswax—more complicated as time went on.There were many ways of draping the material, but with most methods all the pleats and folds seemed to be gathered around a single point at the waist.The cape, decorative collar, skirt, and pendant girdle also continued to be worn.

Embroidered and carved ornamental motifs included especially the lotus flower, the papyrus bundle, birds in flight, and many geometric forms.

A cape might be draped around the shoulders and knotted on the chest.

Late in the period a double skirt was introduced; alternatively, a triangular loincloth might be worn under a skirt. King Tutankhamen wearing a double skirt, long and full, with the upper one doubled and gathered in front; Queen Ankhesenamen in a draped robe tied at the breast and leaving the right arm free.

Instead, colour was provided by collar, worn by both sexes, was introduced early.

These brightly hued bands were made of embroidered and beaded materials and set around the neck and shoulders either on bare skin or on top of a white cape or gown.

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A robe or gown was now worn by important persons of both sexes.