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I insisted we go to the vet, not the hospital.’To her relief, she learned that Lola, although deeply shaken and wounded, would suffer no lasting damage. ‘By now I was in a lot of pain and so terribly pale that another couple in the vets insisted on taking me to hospital.’ In shock and shaking like a leaf, Katie was put on a drip and given a tetanus jab and antibiotics while doctors assessed the damage.

Her injuries required a specialist team to operate.

Our schnauzer tester loved to lick as well as bite it – perhaps the fruity flavour was to her taste.

If you’ve ever had to bin gunky pet toys you’ll appreciate the fact this one has a special Bio Cote coating which helps prevent a build-up of bacteria and mould on its surface. Ruffer and Tuffer Rope Ball: £5, Pets at Home If you’ve ever given your chewer a loosely woven rope knot to pull on you’ll know that pretty soon your home can look like an explosion at a macramé workshop.

Today, at her cosy home in the North-West, Katie, who runs a voluntary information line to help aspiring models, remains shocked and bewildered by what unfolded that sunny May evening earlier this year.

And little wonder: she has been through the mill over the years, surviving two near-fatal car crashes, the first of which brought her modelling career to a premature end at the age of 26.

Dogs love to chew and though they may have started life with a good old gnaw on your best brogues, it’s advisable to introduce tough toys when they grow as the action helps keep their jaws in shape and their teeth clean.

We’ve put a selection of playthings to the test with a panel of pawsome testers.

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It became clear she sees it as a terrible accident for which she is not liable.’ According to Mr Cooper, liability is a tricky matter to establish. ‘Liability is a civil issue, and just because the dog has caused injury under criminal law, it doesn’t mean the owner has liability, which is why if people have insurance the companies don’t always pay out.’‘Coverage isn’t expensive: a £25 annual membership of the animal welfare charity, the Dogs Trust, provides free insurance, while an annual policy with an insurance company costs around £75 a year.

This would usually cover claims stretching up to £1 million.

The maximum penalty available is up to two years in prison, an unlimited fine and a presumption that the dog shall be destroyed.

Courts are also reminded that they should consider ordering the offender to pay.’ It is the issue of compensation, however, which has preoccupied Katie.

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Yet this latest incident has, she says, left just as profound a legacy.