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MORE Rees said such stone-lined graves have been assumed to be medieval, but because skeletons have disintegrated in the acidic soil it has been hard to obtain a date for the graves.

The intact bones of this 13 century woman are evidence that such graves are in fact medieval. “This is important as it could provide rare archaeological evidence of the earlier priory church which was medieval (possibly early medieval) in origin.

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It is therefore believed that this wall is part of the medieval monastic settlement which is known to have developed around the early church and is still evidenced today through local street names such as Brynmynach, or Monks Hill.” The present building was built around 1825 and converted to the maritime museum in 1977.

Also uncovered were the remains four other unassociated burials which had been heavily disturbed by Victorian and later drainage works.” The cist grave was located under the foundations of the rebuilt church in 1825-27, and as with other sites, the Victorians had disturbed a lot of the archaeology.century were excavated under the foundation a Welsh church that has been converted into a museum.The church was built over an older church in the 1820s.Catherine Rees of CR Archaeology told Ancient Origins, There were other skeletons found during the works and these were not disturbed/excavated but given the material associated with them—coffin fittings, etc., they were all much later, Georgian/Victorian burials. Archaeologists specializing in bones and skeletons confirmed she was in her 60s and in good health except for some arthritis.“This lady would have lived through some exciting times in North Wales and in her later life she would have seen the unification of Gwynedd and much of mid and south Wales as well as the raise of Llywelyn ap Gruffudd (the last),” the museum says.

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