Dating snuggie usa broad minded singles dating

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Dating snuggie

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Or rather, they’d happily That distinction is important for the manufacturers of the Snuggie, which has been embraced and gently mocked by the likes of Matt Damon, Jimmy Fallon, and Weezer. If it’s classified as a garment (Section 61, Other Garments in the Harmonized Tariff Schedule), it’s subject to a tax rate of 14.9 percent when imported into the United States.

Because it’s made in China, it’s subject to customs duty and import taxes when imported into the U. Blankets are classified under Section 63 and subject to a duty tax rate of 8.5 percent. Customs asserted that the Snuggie is “wearing apparel” because it “works as an outer covering for the human body at a particular time, such as when seated, standing, or reclining.” It likened it to “clerical or ecclesiastical garments and vestments” and “professional or scholastic gowns and robes,” both of which “have wide-armed sleeves that flow loosely around the body.” The Court of International Trade was not persuaded.

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