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After the Romans left, Britain was invaded by Anglo-Saxon peoples.

The River Avon formed much of the border with Gloucestershire, except that the hundred of Bath Forum, which straddles the Avon, formed part of Somerset.The British held back Saxon advance into the south-west for some time longer, but by the early eighth century King Ine of Wessex had pushed the boundaries of the West Saxon kingdom far enough west to include Somerset.with fortifications such as Dunster Castle used for control and defence.Somerset settlement names are mostly Anglo-Saxon in origin, but some hill names include Brittonic Celtic elements.For example, an Anglo-Saxon charter of 682 refers to Creechborough Hill as "the hill the British call Cructan and the Anglo-Saxons call Crychbeorh".

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War memorials were put up in most of the county's towns and villages; only nine, described as the Thankful Villages, had none of their residents killed.