Dating tips men 1930s

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Dating tips men 1930s

It's always a laugh to look back at love advice from different eras and see how much things have changed. Old people."A roundup of tips from the '30s has been making the rounds, so just for fun, let's check it out.

Like in 50 years, someone will probably be all "Gena Kaufman was so quaint when she suggested she preferred texting to calling! Some of the tips are timeless ("The last straw is to pass out from too much liquor" is good advice for anyone regardless of gender or relationship status); others, not so much.

The cut of his suit or the way he styled his hair were seen as tell-tale signs of his class, character and even morals.

In a typical letter from 1938, one young woman wrote to the despairing of a fiancé who visited her “unshaved, in need of a shoeshine, a clean collar, fresh linen and to have his clothes brushed…

Chewing gum politely is a good tip for life generally, but a better solution if you're bored than pretending you're not is to get the heck out of that date already.

Life's too short to pretend you're super fascinated by the details of his last trip to the dentist. Which of these tips do you think are still relevant today? Girdles in general make me giggle, so I pick the one about that.


However, a lot of the book is more shocking than funny, especially in its treatment of women.What’s more, they even suggested that the best looking men were often not to be trusted, imparting the wisdom that “the most handsome man is often the biggest scoundrel”.Perhaps by their very nature as problem pages, agony aunt columns revealed that many men in 1930s Britain had serious insecurities about they way they looked.In doing so, they were not just advising the individuals who wrote in, but setting standards for the whole nation.Here’s some of what they had to say about being a man…

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Agony columnists deemed dress, grooming and hygiene to be incredibly important.

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