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Before you begin your export process, you will need to make your Word site public under My Sites → Settings → General in order for the media files to work properly in your new imported blog.As soon as you have completed the import into your new site and have confirmed your media has been successfully imported, you can return your Word site’s visibility setting to “Private” again.

At this point, you can remain on the export page to wait for the export file to become available.This process will download the media files to your computer.↑ Table of Contents ↑ Are you leaving Word to My Site → Settings and select the Export option in the Site Tools section at the bottom to download a copy of your blog’s content.The content will be delivered as a series of XML files, which will contain your posts, pages, comments, categories, tags, and references to your site’s images.

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↑ Table of Contents ↑ If your Word site is marked “Private,” your media files will not export properly.

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