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Yuri on Ice has raised discussion concerning its depiction of a same-sex relationship between its protagonists, with some critics praising it for covering homosexuality in a way that differs from most anime and manga such as yaoi, and for dealing with homosexuality in a country and sport that has present-day issues with homophobia; others criticised its depiction for being unrealistic and ambiguous.The series has also been praised for its depiction of anxiety, and also raised a brief controversy concerning a similar figure skating-based title to be released in the United States in 2017.Victor had promised he would choreograph a routine specifically for Yuri P. qualify to represent their countries in the Grand Prix series, and then later qualify for the Grand Prix Final in Barcelona. According to a Sakura Blog study, Yuri on Ice used more key animators than any other anime series during the fall 2016 season: an average of 48.5 key animators per episode, five more than Flip Flappers (which had the second-highest number of key animators).if he won the Junior World Championships, which Yuri P. Victor, having forgotten about his promise to Yuri P., makes the two Yuris compete against each other to decide who he will coach. In the skating scenes, the sound effects were changed to match each venue, according to the building's capacity and crowd size.

The figure skating was choreographed by Kenji Miyamoto, who also performed routines himself which were recorded and used as skating sound effects.It won three awards at the Tokyo Anime Award Festival, a Japan Character Award and seven awards in Crunchyroll's inaugural Anime Awards.In Japan, the series was released in six parts on Blu-Ray and DVD, with all the releases coming No.The series revolves around the relationships between Japanese figure skater Yuri Katsuki; his idol, Russian figure-skating champion Victor Nikiforov, and up-and-coming Russian skater Yuri Plisetsky; as Yuri K. take part in the Figure Skating Grand Prix, with Victor acting as coach to Yuri K.Released to critical acclaim, Yuri on Ice has been well received in Japan.

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The skating sounds for each sequence were recorded separately.

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