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That's what I think." Amrozi, Mukhlas and Imam Samudra were shot dead in the middle of the night for a crime that ripped apart the lives of many Australians and brought mass casualty terrorism to the nation's near neighbour.Tied to posts in a clearing near their prison in Central Java and shot by firing squads at the same time, the men ended their lives despised by most but revered by their followers as martyrs and holy warriors.Even if they are murdered they will die as Islamic martyrs." Speaking at the funeral service last night, Bashir proclaimed them martyrs who defended Islam and sharia law."They committed mistakes, please forgive them," he said.An exception was made for the Qatari-based news service al-Jazeera.But, despite the calls of the Bali bombers for vengeance upon their deaths and warnings from the Australian Government, there were no immediate reprisal terrorist attacks yesterday. We have no information about [terrorist plots]," said Abubakar Nataprawira, a spokesman for Indonesian police.

"We will win the fight in this world or die as martyrs.Torrents was press-ganged into service aboard the Flying Dutchman, but struck a bargain with Captain Davy Jones.Torrents agreed to search for the Sword of Cortés and bring it to Jones, in exchange for his freedom."There have been [hoax] bomb threats at malls and embassies but they were just people trying to spread terror.People should please do their normal activities." In the East Java village of Tenggulun, the home of Amrozi and Mukhlas, curious onlookers easily outnumbered the 500 or so self-styled jihadists in matching bandanas who poured in from all over Indonesia.

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