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Successive governments have failed to narrow this knowledge gap, whether by setting up truth commissions, establishing a museum of colonialism or teaching schoolchildren about colonialism as part of the standard curriculum.In 2014, a You Gov poll found that 59% of those surveyed thought the British empire was more something to be proud of than ashamed of.There is no doubt that given our poor border security in the 1980s…my father made it his business to highlight how other countries could protect themselves from border incursions, such as Israel.ANTHONY MCINTYRE will make New Year’s predictions on issues like negotiations to revive Stormont, Brexit and review the import of a series of sensational historic documents released by the British and Irish governments at the end of the year.Posted by Jim on December 28, 2017 Around 1,000 files have disappeared while ‘on loan’ to the government. Wednesday, December 27, 2017 The National Archives are home to more than 11m documents, many of them covering the most disturbing periods of Britain’s colonial past.

He was denied access to America and had his visa revoked for threatening violence.

Irish cabinet papers from 1987 reveal that the Israeli ambassador in London reported to the Irish government that Ian Paisley, then the Unionist firebrand leader, sought arms from Israel.

The Irish Ambassador Noel Dorr reported the bizarre request to Dublin in a confidential transmission.

The group was established by Paisley as a complement to the security forces (Paisley had previously been associated with the Ulster Protestant Volunteers loyalist paramilitary group).

It grew from opposition to the increasing pace of co-operation between the governments of the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland In a statement, Paisley’s son – North Antrim DUP MP Ian Paisley – angrily denied his father had sought arms from Israel.

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The Foreign Office was forced to admit it had withheld thousands of colonial-era papers.