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I have taken the pkgapply demo a little further to do a refresh immediately upon editing and also to do optimistic locking (both simple when I read the help pages).

As I said all of this does require a lot more code than simple SQL based queries that are updatable, I just need to weigh the advantages of what would be effectively an API for our application over speed of development.

-- Wayne Niddery - Win Wright Consulting RADBooks - You have a Right to Free Speech, but not the right to make me listen, nor to use my property as a soapbox. Whilst I accept that there are general benefits of using stored procedures, I see life being far easier for normal database updating using either a procedure that returns an updatable cursor or plain old SQL (I would like all the SQL to be centralised and not in the client however).

Most tables require a screen to update them that is (90% of the time) simply a view of the table, with little bells or whistles.

Look at the pkgapply demo that comes with DOA for a simple example.

Although it is still more work than pure SQL I am quite happy to concede this argument here (expecially with the DOA dataset's updatingtable property so that automatic constraint checking can still be use - a most valuable feature).

Andrew, You've raised some points that are the subject of almost theological debate among database designers.

As a background to this discussion, everything that Wayne says about stored procedures is correct. One school says perform all modifications to the database through parameterized stored procedures, simply passing values to the server.

John Just for the record, I have not abandoned data-aware controls.WRT storing the SQL on the server, I was thinking of deriving a component from the DOA Dataset that had a new property of an SQL reference, and it used this to extract the SQL from the Database.I would then do some simple caching locally to improve speed etc..You seem to me to be thinking along the right lines.There are lots of different ways to do this stuff, and there are definitely some wrong ways, but certainly many right ways.

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For this scenario I see procedurising insert, updates and deletes being sledgehammers to nuts.