Ecdis licensing and updating of chart data and system software Sexy girls chating with m

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Electronic charts are the new generation of navigational charts, with paper charts being relegated to the background. There are many areas of the world yet to be covered by vector charts and thus require raster charts to be used.

In such situation an appropriate portfolio of up-to-date paper charts should be carried as a back up arrangement .

ENCs are issued by or on behalf of a national hydrographic authority and comply with specifications of the International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO).

To use the ENCs ships has to contact an official ENC distributor.

This article highlights the chart or chart permit procuring procedure through Chart distributor and methods for chart correction and updating for FURUNO ECDIS.

Ordering cell permit is a three step process which includes the following: Lets suppose, a ship will sail from Singapore to Mumbai..

Your options include Flat Fee, Open ENC (PAYS), Dynamic Licensing and Direct Licensing.

Our C-MAP ADMIRALTY ENC Service gives you the freedom to choose the licensing methods best suited to your company or vessels.

The CAES Format CAES is distributed in our DNV approved SENC format.

This compressed format allows the data to be imported into your ECDIS in a fraction of the time required by other data formats, reducing risk and communication costs - making the update process simple and easy.

ENCs automate the process of integrating real time positions with the chart display and enable to continuously monitor the position and safety of the vessel.

It gives the navigator a complete picture of the instantaneous situation of the vessel and all charted dangers to navigation.

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To use the ECDIS effectively it is also important for the navigating officer to know how to order the charts for the intended voyage and about means and methods available to keep them updated .