Equestrian dating jumping

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Equestrian dating jumping

We frequently post openings for new jobs on the farm, however if there is nothing posted when you visit our site please check here again another time.

Otherwise feel free to send your resume and a cover letter along to [email protected] Terre Bleu organic lavender is the heart of our farm.

The story of Terre Bleu lavender farm, apiary and horse stables began in 2011, with the planting of our first 10,000 lavender plants in 2012.

Our inspiration began years earlier while vacationing in Quebec.

In ancient Egypt, Lavender was used for embalming and cosmetics.

Tutankhamen’s tomb revealed jars filled with soothing ointments resembling lavender.

An early written record of lavender’s healing properties is from Nero’s military physician Dioscorides in 77 AD.Like any other farmed crop we experience crop damage and losses due to extreme weather conditions.We also harvest the beautiful blooms at peak times to be able to make our very best handmade lavender products, so please set your expectations accordingly.Our name Terre Bleu is French, translated literally it means “blue earth”.For us, it perfectly represents the rich blues and purples that burst forth from the land when our lavender fields are in full bloom.

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