Flat chested women dating

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Is it from comparing herself to overly skinny girls and assuming she’s supposed to be like them? If you happen to be a naturally skinny woman — and I know that a few skinny women are very beautiful — I don’t mean this as a criticism of you.

Everyone already knows that I give lots and lots of extra bonus points to women who are smart, funny and like to read. Real women — with curvy bodies and well-developed minds and beautiful hearts and nuanced values — are the interesting ones. If feeling ugly provides me the motivation to get to where I want and probably ought to be, then, well, there’s my motivation. 🙁 One of the problems is the implied assumption that it’s women’s full-time job to look attractive. But to answer the question where all the madness comes from – of course the culture and the media have a huge part.

(Before you head over there, let me warn you that the women are naked, with certain parts simply strategically covered.

If you’d rather avoid the pictures, the woman here in the black dress is the plus-size model, Katya Zharkova.) I find the bigger woman far, far more attractive.

Most of the images surrounding us show impossible women, unhealthy women, women that take up minimal space.

And women who must spend the majority of their time, energy, and money on their appearance.

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What I’ve become sure of is that women have very distorted images of their body size today.

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