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Free sex chatting without registering sites

Swimming to the masonry side of the pool, rope in hand, she climbs out, dripping, ties the rope to a stone block, then surveys the chamber.Before her, across a wide uneven floor, is the altar of the Lingam, a single beam of sunlight shafting through a small opening high above, illuminating the glittering artefact. This story was written by Sensory Overlord, and is Copyright 2002. She had persevered in her combing of the old records in the monastery at Pinchu Myars, sure that there must be some truth behind the legends. Her researches into this legend had taken several years, uncovering various improbable and no doubt exaggerated references to a huge, solid gold phallic totem, nearly two feet in length, massively thick, with an intricately veined and ridged surface encrusted with numerous fabulous gemstones.The tangled, organic mass is everywhere, looped and matted, hanging in long ropy veils from the ceiling, down the carving rich walls, across and through the marble paving, giving the whole place an ancient, yet organically alive atmosphere.Only the altar is free of the omnipresent, twisted roots.Soaked through by the time she descends to the pool into which the jet pummels noisily, yet still overly warm from her exertions in the cloying humid air, Laura lets herself drop the last few feet into the cooling waters.

Letting her horniness flare up now could make her lose concentration.Ruefully, she surveys her naked figure, wishing once again that her feminine charms were perhaps not _quite_ so generous, or sensitive, and especially not so prone to popping up into distracting, tingling hardness at the slightest provocation. It really can be a trial, she thinks, the way her silly clit gets so large, pointing out between pouting labia, looking like a small tongue poking fun at the world.Shaking her head, she thinks "people may consider my lips are unusual, its lucky they don't know about this clit of mine!Laura Croft and the The Venus Thigh Trap Plant/F, L Croft, NC, BDSM, Lact, Archaeology, Silly All that legal guff about how you might be an innocent child, or living under a censorious government, puritanical legal system, your mother wouldn't approve, you should not be here, you really must stop now, etc. She has told no one of this expedition, or its objective, lest some uneducated villain attempt to beat her to the treasure. Anyway, what follows is an explicit, graphic, extreme sexual fantasy. She found mostly dark allusions to a terrible Guardian of the Lingam; yet the best translation she can manage of the guardian's name is 'seeker of nectar', which doesn't sound very scary to her. Finally, she obtained a script that gives a clue to the artefact's location - deep in the jungles, far from any present day civilisation. So here she is, a month of difficult and solitary trekking later, entering the rainforest cloaked ruins of the Temple of Phali.

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Even from a distance, she can see that perhaps the legends did not exaggerate after all.

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