Gluten dating

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Gluten  dating

While most cereals do contain some form of wheat, there are some hot and cold cereals available that are wheat-free.As with all products, these cereals may still contain gluten.Look for any of the following in either whole, ground or noodle form.Keep in mind that some of these options do contain gluten, even while they are wheat-free.For example, on a wheat-free diet, grains like buckwheat, millet, oats, rice and rye are recommended.

This is a small sampling; make sure to check the label each time to be sure: There are numerous wheat-free grains and wheat-free pasta products on the market.

You can find a wealth of information by reading books about wheat-free living, but if you are in doubt as to whether or not a food contains wheat, avoid it.

For more help with your wheat-free diet, talk with your health care provider or nutritionist.

The FDA's just weighed in with some official standards for gluten-labeling. Couple that with your already annoying co-worker droning endlessly on about this new diet she's on, and I can see how someone might get a bit annoyed at all the gluten-free talk. Does its popularity invalidate it as a legitimate therapeutic option for people with a sensitivity or downright intolerance to gluten?

Should incurious cynics masquerading as skeptics be so quick to dismiss it?

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If you need to avoid wheat in your diet, this printable shopping list can help you play it safe.

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