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Grand rapids  dating personal ads

The test programs proved satisfactory, so, on August 31, 1920, the front page of the Detroit News announced that nightly (except Sunday) broadcasts by the "Detroit News Radiophone" would start that evening.The debut program featured regularly updated returns for a primary election held earlier that day, plus singing by Lois Johnson.Update Star includes support for many languages such as English, German, French, Italian, Hungarian, Russian and many more.You can choose your language settings from within the program.The ban on civilian radio stations was lifted on October 1, 1919, and the De Forest company soon returned to broadcasting from its Highbridge station. S." Thompson, a de Forest associate, established Radio News & Music, Inc., which in March 1920 took up the promotion of newspaper-run broadcasting stations, offering local franchises and asking in national advertisements "Is Your Paper to be One of the Pioneers Distributing News and Music by Wireless?" The Detroit News became Radio News & Music's first — and ultimately only — newspaper customer.WWJ programming was live 24 hours a day until July 2015, when, to cut costs, it began airing pre-recorded reports overnight.

WWJ has the highest field strength — 7,980 m V/m at a distance of 1 km — in a single direction (nighttime pattern) of any U. The northeastern reaches of Metro Detroit receive only a fair signal because of the need to limit WWJ's signal in that direction in order to protect a facility that once broadcast on AM 950 from Barrie, Ontario.

Station preparation was conducted after normal work hours over a period of several months. Scripps was particularly enthusiastic about the project, and kept close track as the equipment was being tested.

However, these tests were done with very limited publicity, as others at the paper worried that a radio station might adversely affect newspaper sales.

In August 2005, the station began offering podcasts of newsmakers, interviews, and some of the station's feature programming.

In August 2006 it began broadcasting in the HD Radio format.

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Clark, and the April 4, 1906 issue of the paper publicized the receipt by the advertising department of an order, via radiotelegraphy, from the Clark-equipped steamer City of Detroit. However, the newspaper continued to monitor developments, and in its December 13, 1919 issue heralded a broadcast of phonograph records by the U. Navy Station in Chicago Meanwhile, the development of radio transmitters capable of audio transmissions led to Lee de Forest advocating the establishment of broadcasting stations, especially by newspapers.

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