He is very busy dating

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He is very busy dating

The guy who’s using his “busy” life as an excuse to keep you at arm’s length, on the other hand, will read your messages and just not reply. If he’s never available during his days off, then he’s not interested. A guy who wants to date you even though he’s busy might have to cancel every now and then, but if he does he’ll be sure to set another date immediately to show you that he’s keen to see you.He won’t say stuff like, “Let’s see how the week goes,” which just leaves you hanging.Our favorite guest blogger Lindsay Tigar is back to break it all down for us. Admit it: When you like a guy and you’ve been out a few times (or even just once) – you get a little obsessive over his text messages.You’ll take screenshots of what he says and send it to all of your friends, asking for advice on what it really means.He’ll always reply to your messages, and when he does, he’ll give you more than one-word answers.The guy who answers “hey” or “k, cool” to your messages days after you sent them can GTFO. Thanks to technology, you can now see if the guy’s actually opened and read your messages.

I have a long list of awesome things I want to do but haven't had time, so I have no shortage of ideas for museums we can visit or parks we could go sit in. You're basically in a constant three-way with her calendar. " "I don't know, let me ask Cal." "Goddamn it, can't we do one little thing without asking Cal if he thinks it's a good idea? If you try to cancel on her the night of the date early in the relationship, you will probably never hear from her again. Plus, if you cancel now, I can't see you for another like three weeks, so it might as well be never.6. It's a wonder she found the time to put on pants for you. Glass half-full: I'll always be on time meeting you.If not, then he can go be busy somewhere else, because you’ve got better things to do.Giulia Simolo Giulia is a freelance writer living in Johannesburg, South Africa.It’s okay – but before you waste energy or spend anymore time with your i Phone, real dudes dish on what they’re really thinking when they send (or don’t send) those text messages. I have a work thing until late tonight, but would you want to get drinks near my place at 10 p.m.? What men mean: “I’m not saying I just want to see you when I’m drunk and close to home, but I’m not NOT saying I just want to see you when I’m drunk and close to home.” – Max, 26, New York “If it was just drinks out after the work thing, I’d say he is sincere.” What we think: Is it bad to meet up that late for a first date? But around my place portrays a different meaning.” -Jake, 27, South Carolina Text message: “I had a lot of fun last night.

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