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Interracial dating at liberty university

-- a liberal arts university dedicated to sending well-rounded, Bible-believing graduates out into the world.

Today, 3,700 students from all 50 states and overseas study everything from economics to philosophy, business to nursing, and even science, though BJU's commitment to "young earth creationism" raises eyebrows outside the school.

So far this year, the closest any candidate has come is Texas Gov.

Rick Perry, whose wife Anita made a low-key lunchtime visit to nursing students in mid-October.

The Fine Arts program remains a distinctive feature.

Music and drama are the lifeblood of the curriculum as students perform Shakespeare and other theatrical productions, and the university puts on a major opera every year.

"In so doing, we failed to accurately represent the Lord and to fulfill the commandment to love others as ourselves."There were things said back then that I wouldn't say today," Stephen Jones said in 2005.In 2008, he told a local newspaper, "I don't think I have a political bone in my body." That same year, Stephen Jones had the university apologize for banning interracial dating.It started in 2005, when the mantle of university president passed to Stephen Jones, Bob Jones III's son and the first person not named Bob Jones to lead school since its founding in 1927.The youngest Jones quickly distanced himself from the political legacy of his predecessors.

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Bush got hammered for the lapse (as well as staying mum on the school's view of Catholicism as a "cult") and apologized.