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With my client, she feels inadequate and defensive, and she defends herself by criticizing other women's parenting styles.In other words, she's not critical of other women because she thinks less of them; she is covetous of what they have instead.

Research shows that women during the college years may have negative attitudes about particular types of other women.Again, for any woman who's been on the receiving end of a female bully, this will come as no surprise.In addition, Nicki Crick is a true rock star of gender research.American Psychological Association (1998, March 26). Boys And Girls Are Cruel To Each Other In Different Ways -- But The Effects Are Equally Harmful. Retrieved September 24, 2013, from Snapp, Laura Hensley-Choate, Ehri Ryu. males tend to be rewarded by their peers for being promiscuous. If they used a better example for something that men are ridiculed for doing than see how many men want to be friends with someone doign this thing worty of ridicule, then this study woudl be worth reading. In the past I had friendships with girls who were sexually promiscuous, and I discovered there were several problems with this.A Body Image Resilience Model for First-Year College Women. First, a lot of the girls seemed to have low self esteem and would only talk about themselves and their problems when we were hanging out.

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