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Scary comes from the Old Norse word “skiarr” which means “timid”.Gruesome comes from an old Scottish verb “grue” which meant “to feel horror” or “to shudder”.Phantom comes from the Greek “phantasma” which meant “illusion” or “apparition”. Goblin comes from a French word “gobelin” which was the name of a specific evil spirit in France.Devil comes from the Greek “diabolos” which means “accuser” or “slanderer”. Monster came from “monstrum”, a Latin word for a horribly deformed person or animal.

Use of these trademarks on is for informational purposes only.Skull came from an Old Norse word similar to “skoltr” which meant “the bald thing”. It was originally called a “reremouse” because it looked like a mouse with leathery wings.Quake comes from the Old English word “cwacian” which means “to shake” or “to tremble”.Nightmare comes from Old English and refers to a “night demon”. A list of words that start with P (words with the prefix P).

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Words that Start with P can help you score big playing Words With Friends® and Scrabble®.

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