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Perhaps he had been taking his cue on the Ahmadinejad government from his friend Darius Guppy, the half-Iranian fraudster and Old Etonian who defended Iran’s disputed election results of 2009 – right after scores of unarmed protestors had been killed and injured in the street.Johnson has proved to be a friend to Tehran again by giving its Revolutionary Guard and judiciary the gift of the wholly erroneous “confession” that Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe was training journalists when she went to Iran more than a year and a half ago with her baby daughter.He and Jack Straw – who the Iranians also have a soft spot for, having received him a number of times as Foreign Secretary – could fly to Tehran tomorrow and sort this matter out at a snip.The pair joined a parliamentary delegation visiting Iran in 2014 which included Norman Lamont, chair of the British Iranian Chamber of Commerce – the first such delegation since the British embassy in Tehran was sacked in 2011.“If I were the member for Qom South, I would feel that it was my patriotic duty to equip my country, as fast as possible, with the biggest, shiniest, pointiest and most explosive thermonuclear device on the market.I would want an Iranian nuke…” wrote Boris Johnson in the Daily Telegraph back in 2006.

The UK government was money-oriented enough to follow the EU and President Obama’s lead in overlooking Iran’s human rights problem when signing the 2015 nuclear deal. They did not want Nazanin to become a household name and hoped it would disappear.

Robin Horsfall said it was totally wrong for the makers of '6 Days', out now in America and released in Britain later this year, to claim the film was an accurate re-telling of the events in 1980.

The former SAS sniper, who helped storm the embassy and shot dead one of the terrorists during one of the most watched and admired military operations in British history, lambasted every aspect of the film.

What’s clear is there is a deal to be done: this is about money.

In 2010, European courts ordered Britain to pay £400m which it owes from uncompleted business deals stretching back to the Shah’s time.

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Bell, best known for his role in 'Billy Elliot,' plays the character of Lance Corporal Rusty Firmin who was among of the members of the elite unit that ended the six day long siege in dramatic style.

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