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Yet, if there’s one standout, it’s the charismatic now-retired Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell, who received a Purple Heart and a Navy Cross for his role in Operation Red Wings in Afghanistan in 2005. Most people on any given day don’t like to get in uncomfortable situations because they’re not trained to handle it. I made up this acronym: “Humanity’s Ever Revolving One.” Now, as a Navy SEAL, throughout my life, I trained to handle most situations. It felt very much like ‘where were you when Kennedy was shot? And he took it calmly, and continued with what he’d been doing, which was trying to get the Playboy Channel into the Salvation Army, so that he and the rest of the men could watch it while he was locked up there at night.'” (Ibid.; pp. Although the official story of Seal’s murder holds that he was executed by the Medellin cartel, few who knew him believed it. “Not surprisingly, Dandra blames the ‘government’ for Seal’s murder, and not the Medellin Cartel ‘tar baby’ of the official version of events. It went like this: my headquarters called the New Orleans FBI office. ‘Middle of the causeway,’ Thommasson replied numbly. ‘Get a bridge ticket on your way back into town, stamped with date and time.’ ‘See, how volatile the whole Seal thing was,’ says Thommasson today, ‘is that they wanted me to have proof of exactly where I had been when Seal was killed, to remove any suspicion that we had played any role in it. ’ He’s just a kid, usually, just out of the FBI Academy, his standing orders are, ‘Make No Decisions Under Any Circumstances.”” (Ibid.; pp. ” ‘What you don’t get at that time of night is a seasoned agent or a SAC (Special Agent in Charge). So the apprehension at the airport was made by a kid.

Robert Thommasson, head of a special 21-man narcotics unit tasked solely with stopping Barry Seal, rolled slowly out of New Orleans in the hazy twilight. The material in this program is from the remarkable book by Daniel Hopsicker. “Most who knew Barry Seal were saddened at his execution, but not surprised. ‘The day Barry was killed, when he came back from lunch. (Be sure to visit his website and order the book.) Beginning with the account of Seal’s murder being broadcast over the police radio in the Baton Rouge area, the program relates the extraordinary circumstances surrounding the arrest and “prosecution” of the Colombian assassins who killed Seal. His secretary Dandra Seale (no relation) was typical. A primary operator in the Contra-related cocaine smuggling of the 1980’s, Seal was gunned down in February of 1986 because he was threatening to “roll-over”—to squeal on his handlers. Still, the chilling brutal and clinical efficiency with which the ‘renegade’ agent had been dispatched was breath-taking. He certainly hadn’t availed himself of the Federal Witness Protection program when it was offered to him.” (Ibid.; p. There was apparently concern on the part of law officers who had pursued Seal that they might be blamed for his death. “In retrospect, Thommasson says, the murder was a shock, but no surprise; Seal had seemingly fallen from favor with whoever had been protecting him. Had Seal done this, it might have led to the downfall of the Reagan/Bush administration and the curtailment of the Contra-support operation. He’d been on a well-documented downward spiral for over a year, losing status, possessions, and immunity from prosecution he had once taken for granted as a member of a ‘protected’ class.” (Idem.) 6.

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