Jewish dating non jews

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Jewish dating non jews

This was "based on the fear that intimate contact with the Canaanites will lead Israelites to imitate their idolatrous and immoral ways." Thus, Hayes contrasts the restrictions on intermarriage at the time the Torah was written with the time of Ezra by pointing out that the Torah did not prohibit intermarriage between all Gentiles, only those in the seven nations specified.

with a Midianite woman (descendant of Abraham by his third wife and not called a Canaanite); this took place at a time when Moses himself had married a Midianite (Zipporah) (before he married a Cushite) and foreign (Moabite) women were inducing the Jews to perform idolatry.

bring various opinions as to when intermarriage is a Torah prohibition and when the prohibition is rabbinic.

A foundling - a person who was abandoned as a child without their parents being identified - was classified as a non-Jew, in relation to intermarriage, if they had been found in an area where at least one non-Jew lived (even if there were hundreds of Jews in the area, and just one non-Jew); this drastically contrasts with the treatment by other areas of Jewish religion, in which a foundling was classified as Jewish if the majority of the people were Jewish, in the area in which the foundling was found.

First and foremost, Hayes holds that the fear of profaning the seed of Israel was the underlying rationale for the ban in exogamous marriage, rather than the ritual impurity of Gentiles in general.

She also argues that the regulations on intermarriage in the times of Ezra were different from the restrictions on intermarriage according to the book of Deuteronomy.

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Neither are non-Jewish spouses usually encouraged to convert to Judaism anymore.

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