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She wanted more, demanding 10 million yuan and property in compensation, resorting to threats that he was guilty of tax evasion and that his We Phone app was a “gray business.” She allegedly threatened to use the influence of her uncle to have the app suspended and Su fined.She also arranged for ruffians and some low-life gangster lawyers to harass Su.as determined by your company’s Finance/HR department.You will need to get Example 2: Gross Salary of 10K RMB/month, Tax Deductible Allowance of 2,000 RMB/month Gross Salary = 10,000 Tax Deductible Allowance = 2,000 Taxable Income = 10,000 – 4,800 – 2,000 = 3,200 Tax Rate = 10% Deduction = 105 Example 4: Gross Salary of 30K RMB/month, Tax Deductible Allowance of 15K Salary = 30,000 Tax Reimbursable Expenses = 15,000 Taxable Income = 30,000 – 4,800 –15,000 = 10,200 Tax Rate = 25% Deduction = 1,005 Naturally, the more your tax deductible allowance, the lower your taxable income and the lesser taxes you pay.She would have gone to her next prey now if she had not over-reached herself.

Sharing these sentiments are two well-known lawyers, Zhang Qihuai and Yu Jing, who have recently decided to represent Su’s relatives in suing those responsible for Su’s death.

But much of the significance of the tragedy would be lost if our attention is only restricted to the dating service.

We will feel let down if the law proves to be powerless against the obviously evil intent of Zhai.

We Chinese traditionally are reluctant to submit a family dispute to official arbitration, on our reluctance to have dirty linen aired in public, and for fear that even an upright official finds it hard to settle a family quarrel.

No small matter But Su’s case is by no means a small-time family squabble.

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The latest revelations suggest her family background was complicated, and her love life was more messy than first reported. In Zhai’s previous marriage (unknown to Su until quite late), the man ended up paying her 200,000 yuan. Media are still trying to track down earlier victims.

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