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Too bad she was only on our screens for four short months.Thankfully there was no kissing ban going on at SOAPnet as same sex supercouple Adam Grimes and Chad Allen caught our late night screens on fire as Kyle and Eric.Schmidt thorougly embodies Hunter Allan's mix of brattiness and charm.

Not that he was handed many favors early on from the writers.Hagner however, quickly proved she was no Maddie-bot, by adding poignance and realism to the storyline that saw Carly and Jack's son Parker (Mick Hazen) experiencing first sexual experience—before his college age stepcousin Luke (Van Hansis) no less.Hagner showed she was more than capable of carving a niche for herself in Oakdale on her own terms. Angela Hubbard (Debbi Morgan) to make soap fans take notice of Pine Valley in 2008.Despite the early plot holes and Engen's noticeably unsure approach to the character initially, the actor's unconventional sex appeal; organic, subtle acting choices; surprisingly-popular pairing with Heather (Vail Bloom); and his momentary ascension to power at the Tower of Newman, and later his deal with the Devil himself—Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman)—after Victor banished him, helped make Victor Jr./Adam one of the most fascinating character studies of 2008. 6: Mark Lawson - Brody showed up in Llanview on Gigi's (Farah Fath) heels, and from day one the Ryan Phillipe look-a-like gave the ladies plenty to stare at.Mark Lawson's character came onboard with a carefully-crafted , character-driven storyline, playing fake daddy to Gigi's son Shane, as his ex-girlfriend hid the boy's true paternity from the real love of her life Rex (John Paul Lavoisier).

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Now if they can just find him a suitable leading lady...

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